What Can I Expect from a Session?

A session in Health Kinesiology is quite relaxing.  We suggest you wear comfortable clothing but not to worry if you are coming straight from the office - there are no requirements, other than your own comfort level.  You will however, be requested to remove your shoes as testing is done while lying on a massage table.  

The use of Kinesiology, which is a non-invasive muscle testing proceedure,  requires very little effort on your part.  There is no need to worry about needles, gadgets, equipment or any of the dreaded paper gowns!  Your comfort is key.

In addition to any "issue" that you may be coming for, during your first visit you will be given a full analysis of your personal well being, inclusive of the following:

* Physical
* Psychological
* Emotional
* Nutritional
* Environmental
* Spiritual

These elements will simply give you the tools in which you may choose to ellivate these areas for optimum health.  Corrections to these elements can be done at the discretion of the client.  Individual sessions are available for issue specific treatment.

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