Geopathic Stress:

Many environmental issues are affecting our bodies in negative ways that we are not even aware of.  Geobiology is the study of earth’s natural energies and their effects on human, plant and animal life.  It has been documented that certain energies generated through and around the earth can have a negative effect on the human body, as well as manmade energies.  Geopathic Stress is the label given to these particular energies.  Geopathic Stress can sometimes be a major contributing factor in the inability for a person to experience well-being.  As a result of extended exposure to such conditions, the body’s natural functioning and immunities begin to break down.  Many times illnesses develop and pre-existing conditions worsen as a result of the body’s inability to operate under these conditions.
As we are electrical in nature, the human body also responds greatly to the effects of electromagnetic fields.  In a world of wonderful modern conveniences, we often overlook the dangers associated with these utilities.
Ms. Davis studies the issues associated with your environment and offers easy and effective solutions with EET (Environmental Energy Transfermation) to divert, eliminate or neutralize the effects of these dangers.  Don’t worry, she will not ask you to toss out your cell phone, she will merely offer protection against their negative emissions.
Feng Shui, which is the ancient Chinese art of placement, to balance and harmonize the energy in your environment is also an area that Ms. Davis endorses.  As well as cleaning up the harmful aspects of your environment, it is equally as important to create an oasis of balance and harmony within your space.  This inevitably allows the body to be stress free – giving way to the availability for optimum health.  

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