Denice Davis:

"As with many people, my own experiences with an undiagnosed illness lead me to the world of Kinesiology.  In my mid 20's, I  wound up with Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  It came as a result of an animal knocking the chimney cap into my chimney and blocking the ventilation, causing it to recirculate into the system, thus creating the carbon monoxide.  Back then, carbon monoxide detectors were somewhat a rarity to have in your home and naturally I didn't have one.  I started getting migraines and eventually became almost completely debilitated over a six week period.  Fortunately for me, it wasn't enough to kill me overnight but the constant exposure was breaking down the body.  I had gone to a multitude of doctors and specialists and each and everyone of them missed it, misdiagnosed me and gave me medications that made things worse.  In my absolute desperation I had reached out to the field of alternative medicine.  Although I will admit I was skeptical, I had no choice - every passing day I knew could potentially be my last.  As fate would have it I was recommend to see a Kinesiologist and within one hour with her, she told me she thought I had carbon monoxide poisoning and an extremely high level of EMF in my house.   I went home that day and bought a cm detector and plugged it in.  Within 30 seconds it went into FULL ALARM.  I had the gas company come out to the house and they had confirmed everything the woman said.  I continued to see her and she brought me to the best health of my life.  I was sold!  I decided at that point that God had given me a gift and it was a gift I would have to give back to others.  I enrolled in school shortly there after and quit my accounting job as soon as I received my certification as a Kinesiologist.  It saved my life."

A Certified Hk Practitioner since 1997,   Ms. Davis feels that it is extremely important to work together with the medical field, on a complimentary level to maximize optimum health, and has done so with many medical doctors, surgeons, psychologists and hospital staff.
Ms. Davis also is an author and well-versed public speaker, who has educated many in the field of alternative modalities, including those in the medical field.  She also hosted her own weekly radio talk show on positive perspectives for seven years, and currently co-hosts a live radio morning show.

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