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Interview with Denice Davis on "What is Kinesiology?"

Your body is the most magnificent piece of machinery - with an uncanny ability to heal itself -- given the correct perimeters.  Natural substances and methods can be used in virtually any circumstance to help overcome any illness in the body.

Using verbal kinesiology (muscle testing) and applying energy corrections to the meridian system of the body, opens the gateway to allow the body to heal itself.   

Education for our clients in how they can alter their lives easily through natural methods is a key component to our success.Each client is evaluated for the services which are best suited to their individual needs. Some of these services include:

What is Health Kinesiology?
Health Kinesiology is an all natural, non-invasive form of holistic practice. Using a method called kinesiology (muscle testing), an HK Practitioner can access information stored in your “energy” data bank to determine what elements are preventing the bodies own ability to heal itself. An HK Practitioner may then advise his/her client on various ways in which a person can begin the healing process. Whether you are suffering from a simple allergy or much more complicated issues in your life, explores your individual needs rather than blanket symptom analysis. The mere fact that we all have unique fingerprints and DNA proves the theory that our bodies are completely individualized from each and every other human being on the planet. So, why then are we continuously thrown into a pool of common elements of which could have nothing to do with how our body chooses to respond?  
Kinesiology looks at YOUR bodies' response as an individual and offers insights and corrections of the energy system to obtain healing.  A practioner of HK offers corrections through a process called Meridian Energy Transformation to transform the ability to accept rather than reject, such in the case of allergies, intolerances and even psychological issues.  Altering the energy railroad of the body is the foundation to overcoming any issue.  This is done easily, comfortably and with all-natural, non-invasive techniques.

Denice Davis discusses candidly about her first encounter with Kinesiology
Please note that Denice's spiritual belief differs greatly today than that of 1994 (the time reffered to in this video).
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